Gli Steps sono un gruppo musicale britannico costituito da cinque membri: Claire Richards, Faye Tozer, Lisa Scott-Lee, Ian "H" Watkins e Lee Latchford-Evans. Formatisi il 7 maggio 1997, gli Steps nel corso della loro carriera hanno pubblicato 4 albums in studio, 4 compilations, 1 album live e 17 singoli. Chiamati gli ABBA degli anni novanta, tra il 1997 ed il 2001, anno del loro scioglimento in seguito all'abbandono di due membri, Claire Richards e Ian "H" Watkins Read more on

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Steps - Canzoni

Tragedy - Steps
5, 6, 7, 8 - Steps
Merry X-Mas Everybody - Steps
Last Thing On My Mind - Steps
One for Sorrow - Steps
It's The Way You Make Me Feel - Steps
Stomp - Steps
Chain Reaction - Steps
Deeper Shade Of Blue - Steps
Say You'll Be Mine - Steps
Better Best Forgotten - Steps
Love's Got A Hold On My Heart - Steps
Heartbeat - Steps
Better The Devil You Know - Steps
After The Love Has Gone - Steps
Summer Of Love - Steps
Scared of the Dark - Steps
When I Said Goodbye - Steps
Here And Now - Steps
5,6,7,8 - Steps
Story of a Heart - Steps
Words Are Not Enough - Steps
Only In My Dreams - Steps
Baby Don't Dance - Steps
Happy Go Lucky - Steps
Deeper Shade of Blue - Radio Edit - Steps
I Will Love Again - Steps
You'll Be Sorry - Steps
I Know Him So Well - Steps
Tragedy (W.I.P. Reception Mix) - Steps
Glitter & Gold - Steps
No More Tears On The Dancefloor - Steps
Stay With Me - Steps
Steps W.I.P. Megamix - Steps
Neon Blue - Steps
Stomp W.I.P Mix - Steps
I Surrender - Steps
Merry Christmas Everybody - Steps
Never Say Never Again - Steps
You Make Me Whole - Steps
Firefly - Steps
Since You Took Your Love Away - Steps
Make It Easy On Me - Steps
Movin' On - Steps
I Think It's Love - Steps
Buzzz - Steps
Love U More - Steps
Happy - Steps
Paradise Lost - Steps
Space Between Us - Steps