Gli Scooter sono una band tedesca di genere techno e happyhardcore che ha venduto oltre 30 milioni di dischi. Attualmente il gruppo è composto da H.P. Baxxter (Hans-Peter Geerdes), Rick Jordan (Hendrik Stadler) e da Michael Simon. Le loro hits sono RAMP! (The Logical Song), Hyper Hyper, Fire!, How Much Is The Fish?, Nessaja, Weekend! e Hello! (Good to be Back). Biografia H.P. Baxxter Rick J. Jordan Il gruppo nacque come progetto nel 1994. Il loro Read more on

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Scooter - Canzoni

Nessaja - Scooter
How Much Is The Fish? - Scooter
The Logical Song - Scooter
Maria (I Like It Loud) - Scooter
Fire - Scooter
Jumping All Over The World - Scooter
One (Always Hardcore) - Scooter
Weekend! - Scooter
How Much Is the Fish - Scooter
Hyper Hyper - Scooter
Faster Harder Scooter - Scooter
I'm Raving - Scooter
The Night - Scooter
Friends - Scooter
Endless Summer - Scooter
And No Matches - Scooter
J'Adore Hardcore - Scooter
Weekend - Scooter
Ramp! (The Logical Song) - Scooter
The Question Is What Is The Question - Scooter
I Was Made for Lovin' You - Scooter
Rebel Yell - Scooter
Aiii Shot the DJ - Scooter
Move Your Ass! - Scooter
Ti Sento - Scooter
Posse (I Need You On The Floor) - Scooter
Break It Up - Scooter
The Age of Love - Scooter
We Are the Greatest - Scooter
Stuck On Replay - Scooter
4 AM - Scooter
Shake That! - Scooter
The Sound Above My Hair - Scooter
Lass Uns Tanzen - Scooter
Move Your Ass - Scooter
4 AM - Radio Version - Scooter
Behind the Cow - Scooter
Neverending Story - Scooter
Back in the U.K. - Scooter
Whistling Dave - Scooter
Let Me Be Your Valentine - Scooter
Enola Gay - Scooter
Call Me Manana - Scooter
She's the Sun - Scooter
No Fate - Scooter
I'm Your Pusher - Scooter
Roll Baby Roll - Scooter
Suavemente - Scooter
Cambodia - Scooter
Hello! (Good To Be Back) - Scooter