Gonzales, born Jason Charles Beck, is a Grammy-nominated Canadian musician currently residing in Paris, France.[1] Though best known for his first MC and electro albums, he is also a pianist, producer, and songwriter. He regularly collaborates with the Canadian musicians Feist, Peaches and Mocky. Additionally, he has collaborated with Jamie Lidell on the albums Multiply and Compass, and Buck 65 on the album Secret House Against the World. According to The New Yorker Read more on Last.fm

piano  electronic  Canadian  lounge  indie  

Gonzales - Canzoni

Gogol - Gonzales
Overnight - Gonzales
Knight Moves - Gonzales
armellodie - Gonzales
Manifesto - Gonzales
Gentle Threat - Gonzales
White Keys - Gonzales
Dot - Gonzales
Carnivalse - Gonzales
Kenaston - Gonzales
Oregano - Gonzales
The Tourist - Gonzales
Bermuda Triangle - Gonzales
Meischeid - Gonzales
Rideaux Lunaires - Gonzales
Paristocrats - Gonzales
Basmati - Gonzales
One note at a time - Gonzales
Cello Gonzales - Gonzales
Salon Salloon - Gonzales
The Tearjerker Returns - Gonzales
You Can Dance - Gonzales
Othello - Gonzales
Minor Fantasy - Gonzales
Nero's Nocturne - Gonzales
Venetian Blinds - Gonzales
Escher - Gonzales
I Am Europe - Gonzales
Working Together - Gonzales
Wintermezzo - Gonzales
Evolving Doors - Gonzales
Epigram in E - Gonzales
Never Stop - Gonzales
Train of Thought - Gonzales
C.M Blues - Gonzales
La Bulle - Gonzales
Take Me to Broadway - Gonzales
Papa Gavotte - Gonzales
Sweet Burden - Gonzales
Switchcraft - Gonzales
Bittersuite - Gonzales
Smothered Mate - Gonzales
Freudian Slippers - Gonzales
Gogol - Instrumental - Gonzales
Chilly In F Minor - Gonzales
The Grudge - Gonzales
Advantage Points - Gonzales
Overnight - Instrumental - Gonzales
Rococo Chanel - Gonzales
Tearjerker - Gonzales