I Garbage (in italiano spazzatura) sono un gruppo internazionale di musica rock, creato a Madison, Wisconsin, USA nel 1994. È composto da Shirley Manson (voce, chitarra), Steve Marker (chitarre, tastiere), Duke Erikson (chitarre, tastiere, basso), e Butch Vig (batteria, percussioni). Tra le canzoni più famose in Italia si ricordano Stupid Girl, Only Happy When It Rains, #1 Crush, I Think I'm Paranoid, When I Grow Up, The World Is Not Enough, Androgyny, Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!), Bleed Like Me e Tell Me Where It Hurts. Read more on

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Garbage - Canzoni

Stupid Girl - Garbage
Only Happy When It Rains - Garbage
I Think I'm Paranoid - Garbage
Push It - Garbage
Queer - Garbage
When I Grow Up - Garbage
Special - Garbage
The World Is Not Enough - Garbage
Milk - Garbage
#1 Crush - Garbage
You Look So Fine - Garbage
Vow - Garbage
Why Do You Love Me - Garbage
Temptation Waits - Garbage
Supervixen - Garbage
Androgyny - Garbage
Bleed Like Me - Garbage
Shut Your Mouth - Garbage
Medication - Garbage
As Heaven Is Wide - Garbage
The Trick Is to Keep Breathing - Garbage
Not My Idea - Garbage
A Stroke of Luck - Garbage
Dog New Tricks - Garbage
Run Baby Run - Garbage
My Lover's Box - Garbage
Sleep Together - Garbage
Fix Me Now - Garbage
Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) - Garbage
Hammering in My Head - Garbage
Dumb - Garbage
Wicked Ways - Garbage
Bad Boyfriend - Garbage
Cherry Lips - Garbage
Cup of Coffee - Garbage
It's All Over But the Crying - Garbage
Breaking Up the Girl - Garbage
Sex Is Not the Enemy - Garbage
Silence Is Golden - Garbage
Metal Heart - Garbage
Right Between the Eyes - Garbage
Nobody Loves You - Garbage
Drive You Home - Garbage
Parade - Garbage
Blood for Poppies - Garbage
Boys Wanna Fight - Garbage
Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go) - Garbage
Untouchable - Garbage
Can't Cry These Tears - Garbage
Happy Home - Garbage