Canzoni in questo Album

I Found Someone - Cher
We All Sleep Alone - Cher
Bang Bang - Cher
Main Man - Cher
Give Our Love a Fightin' Chance - Cher
Perfection - Cher
Dangerous Times - Cher
Skin Deep - Cher
Working Girl - Cher
Hard Enough Getting Over You - Cher
If I Could Turn Back Time - Cher
Just Like Jesse James - Cher
You Wouldn't Know Love - Cher
Heart of Stone - Cher
Still in Love With You - Cher
Love on a Rooftop - Cher
Emotional Fire - Cher
All Because of You - Cher
Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore? - Cher
Starting Over - Cher
Kiss to Kiss - Cher
After All (Love Theme From Chances Are) - Cher
Save Up All Your Tears - Cher
Love Hurts - Cher
Love and Understanding - Cher
Fires of Eden - Cher
I'll Never Stop Loving You - Cher
One Small Step - Cher
A World Without Heroes - Cher
Could've Been You - Cher
When Love Calls Your Name - Cher
When Lovers Become Strangers - Cher
Who You Gonna Believe - Cher